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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh to Be Busy!!!


I've been one busy lady these last couple of days and it's just gonna get crazier! So these little walks with my Starla Darla are becoming sacred right now. I think I will finally start to settle down sometime in November, but until then....



Until then my time is being spent figuring out ways to keep my outfits different, pretty, and somewhat comfortable. Usually what I wear on my blog, I wear on my walks to work, so comfort is key. This flouncy bouncy dress was exactly what I was looking for this morning. The heavy hem keeps it bouncy, while making sure that the wind won't blow it around too easy, and then the comfy warm sweater with the tie completed my look. And since it was a little warm today, I decided sheer tights were the way to go.


Oh and another thing that's been keeping me busy is my constant need to bake and cook! It was dreadfully hot in my apartment all summer long, so we spent many a night going out to dinner. Now I am discovering lots of yummy recipes and I have a fully stocked pantry so it's been busy in the kitchen. Just last night I made biscotti and brownies!! Oh and there is a huge Zombie party going on, practically all week long! And that's keeping me on my toes. We're doing a Zombie race tomorrow, then later there's Zombie Prom and's just a crazy week.

Sweater, Forever21 ($9)
Dress, Modcloth (gift)
Stockings, Target ($5)
Shoes, Thrifted ($2)
Bracelet, Lia Sophia ($40)


  1. What a pretty dress! I'm really enjoying bringing my summer clothes into winter and you did it beautifully with the sweater and tights! BRAVO! ~Serene

  2. aww that dress is such a lovely color and that cardigan looks super cozy! :) your weekend sounds super fun!

  3. your cardigan is perfect and it looks so wonderful with your beautiful dress. awesome look, dear.

  4. I love it when comfortable clothes don't come at the expense of style. Navy/Grey colors are so calming to me, and you look perfectly equipped to enjoy a leisure walk with puppy.

    The monk shoes in the previous post still make me happy. I look forward in seeing them again soon.

  5. Loving the dress (ruffles!) and sweater. Too cute!