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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Coming Clean!!


Let me tell you a little secret about me. I feel like I've been doing this blogging thing for a while now and should come clean about my closet organization. Or lack there of. I've decided that today is the day to finally stop procrastinating and redo my closet, because right now my closet is on the floor in plastic bags. Do you want to know how long it took me to put this outfit together? About 30 minutes. Not because I was being indecisive, but because I couldn't find a damn thing! It seriously looks like a tornado went through my bedroom. I'd provide a picture, but it's much too embarrassing. My military father would probably ground me right now for the way my bedroom looks;)



So this outfit is all about staying warm when the cool chilly fall winds start getting stronger. Today was supposed to be spent at a wine festival on the water...hence staying warm, but plans changed so now I'm wearing this to stay warm on a nice long walk to the Stockley Garden's Art Festival. I found this velvet skirt last week while thrifting and fell in love. It's vintage with pretty metal buttons and it goes great with so many things. Then I threw on my husbands white button down, my thick knitted cardigan and tights and felt good as gold. And speaking of gold I thought I'd go bright with my tights. I felt like I needed more color, so here you go!

White Button Down, H&M ($30 but from hubby's closet)
Velvet Navy Skirt, Thrifted ($2)
Cardigan, Forever21 ($9)
Tights, Target ($4)
Shoes, Target ($10)
Belt, Thrifted ($4)


  1. I really love this with those leggins! I so wish it would get cooler here.... I wore jeans today and I was SO hot

  2. Love the mod feel of this! That skirt is a great find and you are rocking those yellow tights! I just love it!

  3. I wrote you a tweet, but I think we have the same thrifted belt. Crazy that two people can both thrift the same thing from across the county. You wear it very well and paired it with much more interesting pieces.

    The Auspicious Life

  4. LOVE the mustard yellow tights!!! :) that skirt is so adorable too!

    i organized my closet years ago but it still doesn't stop me from taking forever some days to get ready. it does help though! mine is color coded and sorted into types of clothing with shirts and cardigans in front, then dresses, then thick jackets. my t-shirts and bottoms are put into drawers (though i need to buy some hangers for my skirts and hang them on my empty extra clothes rack since they are way too many now to be crammed into a drawer). i've had it organized this way since high school. i'm thinking of organizing it a different way but i just haven't gotten around to it quite yet. good luck :) it can be such a daunting task, but it's also fun to rediscover old clothes :)

  5. That skirt is AWESOME! The fact that it's velvet makes it even cooler.. and you will be loving that in the winter! Really love the navy blue paired with the mustard yellow, too!

    Also.. please do a post on closet organization! My closet is a MESS and something needs to give!