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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Brighter Day


Have you all finally noticed that the sun is setting much much later?!!  I actually got to take pictures after work yesterday!!!  I also can't believe that March starts tomorrow.  That is just crazy too.  Why does time past so so quickly? Now that the days are seeming longer and brighter it is also making me anticipate spring so much.  Spring is my favorite season, and just the thought of it is making my SAD symptoms drift away.


This outfit was my work day outfit actually.  I'm not accustomed to putting these outfits on the blog for various reasons (like work clothes can be kind of boring) but I really liked this outfit.  It's simple, but the punch of my wooden platforms took it up a notch.  I got tons of comments on my shoes and how crazy they were, but good crazy.  When I wear 5 inch heels I'm nearly 6 feet tall.  And for the record, these shoes were the most comfortable things ever.


So everyone enjoy this fabulous Wednesday!!!  I'll be enjoying it with a late night movie session with my sister. I have yet to see Bridesmaids and we've been meaning to watch it for weeks now.


Dress, Thrifted
Vintage Sweater, Thrifted
Sunnies, Forever21
Platforms, Urban Outfitters

Monday, February 27, 2012

Style Evolution


As of late, it seems that my desire to wear vintage is kind of waning.  It's a passing phase, I'm sure.  Actually, a lot of my vintage is more spring/summer wear so I guess that is the reason.  I'm kind of digging the more urban feel to my outfit.  The huge platforms are always fun to wear around and then paired with a faux leather jacket and then the beanie, it just feels like a fun casual look for errand running and eating out at lunch.


Our style is always revolving, so I guess we should all just have fun with it :)  I'm getting inspired by all the cute outfits I see pop up on my fashion week emails and thought it'd be fun to be a little more modern and sport shorts with super high platforms and a slouchy white tee.  I also went a little crazy and put on a pretty purple bra underneath to add some color up top.  Not too scandalous.


Jacket, Tulle
Shorts, ASOS
Zara Top, Thrifted
Platforms, Piperlime
Sunnies, Forever21

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beating the Blues


It's been so many days since I've last updated my blog!!!  It's been quite a busy week, and dare I say, stressful.  The kind of stress where you stop eating and sleeping.  It's rough when your head and heart are in two different places and it begins taking a toll on yourself.  And then when it manifests into physical ailments it just makes it worse.  Things are on the mend though, so I hope to be back to my normal self soon.


Aside from all that, I'm still getting myself dressed for the days activities and enjoying other parts of my life.  Today I took a day trip to Richmond to visit the lovely and talented Megan Neilsen to have lunch and do a bit of shopping.  Oddly enough, it was cut short due to me getting acute food poisoning.  C'est la vie :(  At least we'll be visiting each other again soon in Austin!!  I'm definitely excited for that. 


Oh and a note about Goodwill's new concept store, Second Debut.  There was one nestled in between the highly refined store fronts, Need Supply and American Apparel, and I'm glad Megan and I got to venture in and see what it was all about.  The clothing is definitely higher grade (for a thrift store) and I do believe that they must have someone steam or iron the clothes since most everything was neat and tidy.  But it is pricier than normal.  Thankfully, the sales lady gave me 50% off for two orange tagged at least they still do that :)


Finally, here is my country bumpkin look for a day full of laundry at my parents.  I tried to not look so shabby while getting chores done.

Checkered Blouse, Target
Jean Jacket, Gap--7 years ago
Pants, UO
Boots, Target

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mod Movement


My outfit today was primarily influenced by all the cool mod films I watched over this past weekend.  I highly suggest weird, out of this world, type of films.  The first film I saw was Blow-Up.  A movie about this mod photographer in London amongst the crazy sex and drug filled art scene.  It's also a sort of murder mystery but he keeps forgetting the task at hand due to his desires to fornicate and then smoke weed.  Yeah.  But the models in the films had some cool style so I emulate them.  Then the next film I watched was The Libertine.  An Italian film about a widow who discovers her late husbands secret sex apartment full of perverse interests.  She decides to then start exploring her own sexual fantasies and fetishes.  Again, the styling and costumes are pretty awesome, so I can't help but be wise that is.


Are there any films that influence your style?  I know most people say Breakfast at Tiffany's, but that's pretty common.  I would say Hepburn movies influenced my style too, but there are so many more cool artsy films from that era that have a lot more colorful moods and style.


Oh and I decided to wear this fun mod outfit doing the most un-mod thing ever.  Duckpin bowling with the old folks at the local bowling alley.  If you've never heard of duckpin bowling, I will enlighten you on Wednesday.  It's pretty awesome :)  Way better than regular bowling.


Vintage Coat, Ebay
Sweater, Vintage
Shorts, ASOS
Loafers, Modcloth
Vintage Coach, Beacon's Closet

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fantastic Infinity Scarf Giveaway!!!


Ooh Baby Infinity has a fabulous selection of pretty scarves for all types of outfits and Stephanie is offering my readers (international too!!!) this super pretty teal scarf!!!!  It has pretty textured fabric and the edges of the fabric have been scalloped for a super pretty and feminine look.  Don't forget to check out the cool beach tote bags too!!!  They are so pretty!!!


To Enter to Win!!!

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The giveaway will end on Wednesday February 22nd :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bright Happy Colors

strawberry blonde hair

I'm really loving this new thing that I'm doing.  Putting together neutral separates in varying shades is kind of a no-brainer, but then the fun comes in when you add contrasting pops of colors.  My favorite combination of colors has to be blue and orange.  It's fresh and makes me think of nice warm summer weather.  It's interesting how certain colors can evoke different feelings and even seasons, so when you wear them, it can make you feel just a little more warmer and happier.

corduroy mini skirt
J Crew Mini Skirt

This bright blue scarf is perhaps, what is making me the most happy.  It's super soft with pretty textural details in the fabric and it's just warm enough for those cool spring-like days.  I received it from Ooh Baby Designs and good news for you all, I'll be doing a giveaway with her!!!  So stay tuned til tomorrow evening, when I post the giveaway.

blue scarf

Oh and here is the new hair color.  I'm sorry to say the sunlight was fading fast and the true redness of my hair is not very prevalent, but its there!!!  Hopefully I can get better pictures soon.  I am having fun trying to figure out what goes best with strawberry blonde hair.

Shirt, H&M
Skirt, J Crew
Booties, Target

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not


Going through one of my friend's give-away piles of clothes is sort of the funnest thing ever.  Especially when their style is so similar to yours!!!  These boots and sweater were both given to me by my friend Brittany and it seemed serendipitous that I'd pair them together in the same outfit.  The fact that they were sitting in the same plastic bag together may have had something to do with that as well.  I can be kind of lazy sometimes.  Luckily for me, my laziness gave me a pretty nice outfit!!  hehe..


I wanted to keep everything super neutral with this look but then decided to throw caution to the wind and put on some purple tights.  When I'm not in the mood to put on a ton of accessories or jewellery I always gravitate towards something else kind of fun for the outfit.  That is where bright colorful tights come into the picture.  It makes me feel put together but not in a fussy sort of way.


So I hope you all had a very nice start to your week!!!  I have had a pretty great one!!  I got my hair done for an upcoming shoot for a friend's portfolio and I'm now a pretty coppery shade of blonde!!!  Be gone ashy brownish blonde!!!  I really love seeing more red in my hair now.  I'll be posting new pics of the hair later on this week.


Sweater, Vintage
Cord Mini, Thrifted
Tights, Target
Hat, Forever21
Deena and Ozzy Boots, UO

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Dotty Uniform


Vintage sweater and mini dress?  Check!!!  I feel like this has been my uniform as of late.  When I want to find something quick to wear from my closet I grab the closest cardigan and dress and hope it works.  Fortunately for me, this worked out quite well, so I made Zach take pictures of it before I headed off to work.  It was so glorious outside, that I didn't even need a coat and its just a comfy thing to wear for a long Friday at work.


Do you guys have a type of uniform?  You know, something that you wear that you know will look nice and well put together, with very little thought.  I know this outfit doesn't seem crazy cool or inventive or whatever, but if its something that makes me feel good, then I go with it. 


So now the weekend is here and I should be sleeping in, I found myself struck with insane insomnia.  This hits me randomly every few weeks and I usually just lay in bed trying to concentrate on nothing and just fall asleep, but it just doesn't happen.  After laying there for about 6 hours I had enough and decided to watch a couple hours of hulu and do some blogging.  I mean, what else is there to do when the whole world is asleep?


Dress and Loafers, Modcloth
Cardigan and Bag, Vintage
Ring and Tights, H&M

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Going Girly


What a difference a couple of days make.  This outfit screams girly to me.  The bright floral dress, the orange tights and the opened toed wedges?  Way, way different.  Which is why I dress for my moods.  I feel like I don't hone into one type of style in particular. I like to mix it up based on how I'm feeling.  So if you see me in repetitive black ensembles, it's safe to say that I'm probably sad or something.


So, this is one of the dresses I scored from Modcloth during their Cabin Fever Sale, and I am in love. The fabric feels soft and silky, and the lace peter pan collar is just cutesy cute.  All of the colors in the floral pattern make it so much fun to pair with just about any colored tights.  I'd even say, maybe some bright teal ones, just to add some contrast.


Lastly, apparently wearing opened toed wedges with tights is still passé.  I got the weirdest looks while in the cafe, but it could have also been because I was wearing the brightest tights know to man.  Meh.  I just shrug it off.


Dress, Modcloth
Wedges, X-Appeal from friend...I don't think they're porn shoes ;)
Tights, Topshop
Hat, With Lavender and Lace

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty, Frilly, and Leather


Pretty and frilly is how I would best describe this dress.  Its covered in flowers and ruffles in a cream and black motif.  Quite similar to some curtains I used to have, actually.  I saw it in a thrift store with the tags still attached and I kind of liked it but I wasn't sold on it completely.  It was screaming, Easter Sunday too me.  Naturally, my friend urged me to at least try it on.  Here's something new you can know about me.  I hate trying on clothes in the changing room.  I'd equate it to a chore like washing dishes or folding laundry.  But my friend is an avid believer in trying on anything that might have potential.  Thankfully she was there with me on that fateful day of dress shopping.  Hahaha...I make it seem so dramatic!!!


To combat the ultra girly vibe, I made sure to add some less saccharine elements.  My leather and metal bracelets and leather jacket seemed to fit the bill and then the addition of the beanie.  Coincidentally, I read my Refinery29 email this morning on tips for wearing beanies and I decided on the "Ashton" style to rock this frilly frock.


And the extra touch of fun came from my bracelets!!!  I absolutely love these bracelets all together.  The InPink metal and leather bracelet is such a great combination of materials and then the rhinestone and leather bracelets just add more texture.


Thrifted Dress, Converse for Target
Jacket, Tulle
Booties, Target
Bracelets, InPink, Lia Sophia, & Forever21