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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frozen Smiles

Here's something I learned today! Once you start smiling in freezing temperatures it takes a good while to get your face back to normal! Just kidding, but seriously! How do you blogger girls in northern America or Scandinavia with-stand those frigid temperatures with a smile on your face? I found it a bit difficult to control my shivering for these photos since all of a sudden it decides to be 30 degrees. Don't get me wrong. I love that the weather is finally being winter like, but it's just a little hard to be comfortable without a coat. I guess I'll get used to it.



Today I wore!
green cashmere sweater, Old Navy (gift) polka dot blouse, vintage store ($5) black satin skirt, Target ($10) tights, forever21 ($6) earrings, forever21 ($2)


  1. He he, Thats why I take my photos INSIDE! You look adorable though! I love the neck scarf! And green and black is such a sharp color combo! It makes me want to integrate more green into my wardrobe!

  2. The polka dots are precious!
    And as far as smiling when it's cold out... make yourself laugh. That's what I have to do a lot of times. But then again, I rarely smile in my pictures... hmmm. New Year's resolution for me, perhaps?
    You could always take your pics inside :]
    Just whatever you do, don't get hypothermia over outfit pics!

  3. 30 degrees is warm! It's when it gets into the teens.. that's when my teeth start chattering! I love that satin skirt! You look lovely!