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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nothing Like a Sunday

Really, this has to be the most boring day of the week. Since we don't own a washer or dryer, and our apartment doesn't have a laundry facility, we have to resort to a crappy day spent at my parents house doing laundry for hours on end. I did enjoy wearing some of my new Christmas presents today. The cardigan was a gift from my mother in law. She really nailed it with this one. I love the fit and the simple stripes. The necklace was a gift from my sister in law. I really like the antiqued look on the locket. Now I just need to find a picture of Zach and I to put in it. The rest of the day was spent watching my Dr. Quinn episodes with my sister. I have also been working on updating my blog and making it more of what I want it to be. With limited knowledge, I discovered a great site here. I knew of IFB, but I never knew what they offered. They've been a real help in my little endeavors so far.

Well here is what I ended up wearing today!

cardi, Oldnavy (gift) tee, Forever21 ($5) jeans, Charlotte Russe ($20) flats, target ($5) necklace, Forever21 (gift)

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  1. Love the cardigan! We don't have a washer or dryer either, so we're always at our parent's house doing laundry. I hate it! It's my ultimate goal to get a washer and dryer this year! :D