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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Morning Craze

Ok, it's Monday, I'm not ready to get out of bed. I fall back asleep and the next thing I realize it's time to go!!! I had 30 minutes to get ready, make my lunch, put my pup in her cave, and then pick my outfit. I'm not totally in love with the outfit. I felt a little too exposed in the short skirt, but I was seriously running late and threw on the first basic black skirt I had that wasn't wrinkled. I hate mornings like these and I hope I don't have another one like it. It was just too crazy.



Well, here's up I threw together!
fuchsia blouse, Gap ($10) green cardigan, Dillards ($7) wool skirt, thrifted ($1) patent oxfords, Payless ($15)


  1. AMAZING that you were able to get ready and post in 30 mins! That is skill! Thank you so much for your prompting about writing. I actually have a book idea that I really want to do, But of course, I am a silly person afraid of failure so stuck not doing anything but blogging! I think the blogging is really helping me though! Maybe as a new year's resolution I will write the proposal for my book (it requires some travel and I thought maybe I would apply for a grant or a contract to cover the cost! Big dreams!)

  2. Actually I posted when I got home from work. That would've been amazing it I had been able to do all that in 30 mins.

    Good luck with your book. It takes a lot of persistence. My parents are writers and my mom got started by getting poems and short stories published in magazines.