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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Happy New Year to You!!!

So long 2009! Hello 2010!!! This is going to be a good year! Zach and I are finally getting up on our own feet with our new apartment in a great neighborhood, a newer job location, and everything seems like it will fall into place. I have a couple of resolutions for this year too. I am finally ready to go back to a vegetarian diet and hopefully will find myself with more energy. Another resolution, which seems a little silly is, I will begin to remember people's birthdays and remember to send them a card. I will begin this task by sending a card to my best friend's mom who's birthday happens to be the same day as me! January 19, so don't let me forget:)

So what did I wear today? Since today was a work day I decided to dress it up for new years eve.

Happy New Years!!!

tank, forever21 ($2.50) cardi, nyandco (gift) skirt, ebay ($4)

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