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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Talk about Busy! Warning..Two Posts in One

So far this weekend I've studied my brains off for a Global Business test and did a whole lotta decorating and shopping. Yesterday I kept my look casual since I was going to be busy decorating my church for Christmas. The tree took 4 hours to put up since it's about 25 feet tall. Zach and I had fun helping and I got to meet lots of new church members since most of the volunteers go to an 11 am service, while I go to the 8 am service.


After all that was said and done, Zach and I headed over to my friends Jewelry Bazaar. She was holding it at work and I came away with so many pretty treasures. She used to buy bags of jewelry from thrift stores with the intention to sell them on Ebay, but she sort of got carried away with it all and ended up with 4 large trash bags full of costume, gold and silver. I'm so glad I went and got to see all that she was selling. It reminded me of a museum show.


Today I spent the day studying and then headed out to my local thrift store to buy my holiday outfit. I plan on wearing this to a work Christmas party, Christmas Eve service, and to a Christmas dinner held at a family friend's home. The skirt is actually a vintage piece that absolutely fell in love with, and almost missed it. Then I found a basic white button down from Tommy Hilfiger, then a perfect teal/green belt with gold hardware. My rhinestone necklace was a find at my friend's jewelry bazaar. I can't wait until I get to wear all these pretty things!

holiday party

Oh and that's not all. I also found time to bake an apple pie. I wish I had used some store bought pie dough, but I ended up making homemade dough. I just hope it tastes as good as it looks. Sometime looks can be deceiving with my cooking.

Oh and here is what I wore today. I wanted to be more dressy, since Zach and I were taking his Mom out for birthday dinner.


Ok, so on to what I wore:

Saturday: cardigan, forever21 ($7) michael kors tee, TJMaxx ($10) skinny jeans, charlotte russe ($20) flats, kmart ($10)


  1. cute outfits and that jewelry looks awesome! i like the elephant and owl. i wish i could even attempt to bake an apple pie--homemade crust is the way to go so i'm sure it will be awesome. ;)

  2. The jewelry looks really cool... especially the Gold rings! :) Mon Mode Blog

  3. The jewelry looks so wonderful.. I have a bracelet just like the red one in the picture; only mine is purple- I got it from a vendor in Boston 10 years ago, but I still love it.

    Both these outfits are fantastic! I love the skirt in your last photo.