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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Whirl Wind of a Weekend

It's been an exciting weekend, what with gift shopping, cookie making and a trip to Ikea.

I had to take pictures with my yummy cookies, since I was so proud of the fact they hadn't burnt. If you want the recipe, it's on Martha Stewarts Cookie of the Day section. They are to die for!




Now on to the wonderful trip to Ikea. The nearest Ikea to me is about 3 hours away so it's usually one of those all day trips. It was a great experience, until I got to my car to put my goodies in and realized that the back seats didn't fold down like I thought they did. Last time I drove to Ikea it was with my old car, so I never thought of checking the fold down seats. I felt like an idiot when I had to go back and return a coffee table. To make matters worse it was pouring!! So... the inside of my car got soaked while I struggled putting a bookshelf in my back seat. Thank God my sister came with me or else I would've lost my mind. Oh and I had to wear a skirt today! That was another dumb moment of mine this morning. You know how hard it is, to pick up those flat pack boxes without showing the world your bum! Again, thank God my sister came to help.

Here's a few picks from our trip today!
This was how it looked for about 4 minutes and then the sky fell down


Here's the result of strategic maneuvering of those damn boxes.


My sister and I on our way home. We were rocking out to some Nerf Hurder but I took a break to take pics.


And here is the completely ridiculous outfit I decided to wear to Ikea. It's cute but totally not practical. Lesson learned.


So, I decided to wear:
white t, aeropostale ($10) grey sweater, dillards (gift) black skirt, thrifted ($3) purple tights, target ($5) black oxfords, payless ($15)


  1. I adoreee IKEA so much! I always get the IKEA hangover the next morning ;) Love your outfit and mmm cookies! Except I don't like chocolate.. haha!

  2. Your cookies look SOOOO good! Now I am having a major chocolate craving!

  3. I love the scarf you have in the pics where your rocking the cookies and milk!