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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dating Stories

drinking coffee

Remember that new little feature I wanted to do on my blog?  I mentioned it weeks ago I think.  Anyways, this is it.  Admittedly, I probably put about 2-3 hours into my blogging a day!!  Add that to the 9 hours I'm away from home every day at work, it adds a lot of time spent not really communicating with my hubby.  It  sounds weird, but Zach and I enjoy the silence.  We eat dinner together, take walks together and have our little rituals every night where we converse and have fun, but we also like to enjoy alone time too.  Most of that time is spent on the internet. 

internet scrabble

So where is this all leading?  Well, Zach and I decided we'd spend one to two nights a week as date nights!!  Or date days:) Here is our latest pictorial of our date. 

First we stopped at one of our favorite cafes for breakfast.  We love this place!!!  They have board games, books, antique booths, in house roasted coffee, ohmygod!!! It's our fave place ever for Saturday morning hangouts. 

vintage cardigan

Next we shot on over to our neighbhorhood Stockley Garden Art Festival.  So many wonderful people and artwork.  We also have a Rothko exhibit going on, hence the bits of red in the photos. 

red for rothko exhibit
art tent
art tent
leather tent
leather bracelets

Oh and we walk everywhere on these little excursions!

Italian sneakers

And lastly, it was time for lunch!!  Ten Top is a little niche in our neighbhorhood that offers amazing soups and sandwiches and fancy sodas.  We like to treat ourselves to Ten Top about once a month.  It's not expensive either, we just like to save Ten Top for fun occasions. 

potato soup
bottled soda

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