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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red Lips

red lips

Holy Moly its November!!!!  Where has the time gone?  Last thing I remembered it was still summer, now we're nearly half way through fall?  This has got to be a joke of some kind.  At least its finally starting to feel like fall every day now.  No more of this 40 degree then 80 degree business.  I want crisp fall air to smother me.  I also love the opportunity for cooler weather so I can wear my new boots!!  I won a giveaway via O My Heart from La Posh Style and I instantly knew I wanted to get these fun casual boots. 

vintage cardigan
lace up boots

Oh and the new red lips thing is kind of weird to me, but I figured Zach would tell me if it looked a bit outlandish.  My mom has a thing for pretty cosmetics.  She turned me onto the nicer stuff at the tender age of 16 and I always find myself rummaging through her makeup to try new colors and experiment a bit.  This lipstick is from Lipstick Queen and it's amazing!!!  No, not just amazing.  It's just the most perfect lipstick out there.  I've tried everything from Estee Lauder, to Benefit, to Mary Kay, to ...well you get the jist.

sweater weather
lipstick queen

And I just realized that these pretty sunset photos will be the last one I'll have for a while now.  Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend!!!  Say it ain't so!!  I won't make Zach do 4 or 5 outfit pics over the weekend because that's just silly, so I'll need to figure something out.

modcloth dress

Dress, Modcloth
Sweater, Vintage
Lipstick, Lipstick Queen 
AlligatorRing, My mom's

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