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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

HANAair Hair Dryer Review

(the after)

Like anything I would do a review of, I like to give myself a couple of weeks to really get the feel for the product and make sure that all their claims are true, that way I can give a fair product review!  When Misikko contacted me to try out their hair dryer I figured it would be fun to give a different perspective on how I get ready and put together a total look.  Half of my style comes down to my hair and makeup routine, so why not?

Here's a photographic journey of myself blowing my hair.

1.  Slather on some heat protectant (just a pea sized amount in your palm).

2.  Brush it through.

3.  Now get to drying and styling.
(Gratuitous hair flipping...just like the commercials!!!)..heehee

The verdict?
Pros:  My HANAair Professional hair dryer is AMAZING!!!  Nothing can beat it's super fast drying time, the cooling and heating elements, and it's lightweight design.  It left my hair soft and the heat doesn't have to be super hot to dry your hair completely, which is a huge plus for my hair's health and my electric bill! 

Cons:  It's a tad pricier than most other types of hair dryers out there, but I found in my past experiences with appliances and electronic goods, that you get what you pay for.  It's quality fits the price range in my opinion, but I know that not everyone would be able to afford one.


My old Conair has nothing to compare to the HANAair Professional hair dryer.  It's in the trash now.

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