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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Thrifting Fairy Tale


Once again, the thrift gods have smiled upon me!!  My local favorite thrift haunt had a Groupon a couple of weeks ago and I snagged it within seconds of receiving my email from Groupon.  So like most things with cash value, it was burning a hole in my pocket, so on Sunday I trotted my way down to Thrift Store USA to see what I could find and I found so many wonderful things.  Including these super comfy, never worn a day in their life, Cole Haan loafers.  I seriously giggled like an evil villian when I discovered my find and then threw them into my basket before anyone could notice.  Oh and they were only $6!!  So that's my thrift story of the week;)


Alrighty, so the rest of my outfit is a menagerie of different thrift finds.  This pretty french terry dress felt like a million bucks when I was riffling through the racks at another thrift store.  To my complete surprise it was actually from Charlotte Russe.  Usually I avoid that store like the plague because I always find the construction and quality to be crap, but this dress was a completely different story.  To add a vintage flair to it, I added my 1950s floral cardigan.


Oh and never in my life have I received more compliments on a piece of jewellery!!  This necklace from In Pink came to me a few weeks ago and I was waiting to find the perfect outfit for it.  The scoop neck from the dress seemed fitting so I threw it on.  It is quite the eye catching piece seeing as it's beads are very large, but its eye catching in a good way.  Plus the older ladies who came to visit me at work were mesmerized by the fact that it wasn't vintage.  If you're in the market for a good piece of costume jewellery I definitely suggest looking into In Pink


Dress and Shoes, Thrifted
Cardigan, Vintage
Belt and Tights, H&M
Necklace, In Pink via a Gift Certificate from Adored Austin

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