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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Modern Pilgram?


And the blustery days just keep on coming!!!  I don't want to resort to pants all fall/winter long just because the wind is strong, but at the same time, I've gotta keep my modesty, right?  Haha..sure.  Anyways, I was having a pretty hard time styling this dress, since it's one that I wear a lot and I need to find different ways to style it.  At first, I paired it with some brown tights and brown brogues, but I instantly looked like a guest at the first Thanksgiving in 1621.  Something about a high lace collar and some grandma shoes didn't scream modern to me.  So I threw the dress together with my heeled Aldo boots and called it a day.


Speaking of Thanksgiving I can't help but be a bit bummed out this year.  I couldn't take vacation off for the holiday and both Zach and my families will be out of town.  So that leaves just Zach and I plus our two dogs and my parent's three dogs.  I need to figure out something so it's not a day where Zach and I sit in the living room eating pizza and watching a football game.  I love helping my mom cook for the holiday so it'll just be sad when she's not in there with me helping me make sweet potato pie or cranberry sauce. 


Do any of you have ideas for a Thanksgiving that includes just two people?  One person in particular (that being me) is a vegetarian and I have no experience cooking a turkey.  Or gravy. 


Dress, Vintage
Aldo Boots, Thrifted
Belt, Hummingbird Vintage
Vintage Hat, Gift

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