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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Times for the Weekend!


Wow, it has been a good 48 hours since I've been at the computer! That's near impossible for me, but I've been so busy! Friday night was supposed to be spent lounging around the house watching tv and just being totally relaxed. Instead my friend surprised me with a ticket to see Jack Johnson with her! It was pretty much an amazing vibe. Very fun, very calm, everybody was getting along. My only complaint was that he played too much of his new album, and I'm more partial to his older stuff. But other than that, it was a terrific time. Meanwhile, our husbands were tiling and putting up lights in her new condo. But they were happy and buzzed on beer, so they were having just as much fun.




Then Saturday was spent going to Ikea! God I love that place! It was a sort of last minute trip, so I didn't have enough time to save the amount of money I normally take with me to Ikea. All I got was a toilet brush, pretty napkins for my Mad Men party, and cabinet liners. Oh and a cute little tent for my puppy. I think I left Ikea with the lowest bill possible! The girls I went with got all kinds of cute things, and I was a little green with envy that I couldn't run out of that place with $300 worth of stuff, but eh! Hopefully next time!



My remix number 12 wasn't without challenges. It was easy to put the outfit together, but when I put together a romper with a skirt and then belted it, I didn't realize that it would take me 15 minutes to go to the bathroom..hahahaha...I totally forgot how cumbersome those rompers are!

Romper (as top) Thrifted ($5)
Skirt, H&M ($10)
Cardigan, H&M ($5)
Belt, H&M ($5)
Shoes, UO ($28)
Bracelet, Vintage ($4)


  1. Great skirt and I like the background scenery. :) You totally pulled off this remix outfit.

  2. Yeah, love the skirt. Laughing at the romper story. And you gotta watch that IKEA, girl. next thing you know you're blown your budget on all these $1 dollar thingy majoos and are craving swedish fish madly.

  3. I love this!

    I've never worn a romper mostly because of the bathroom dilemma. I always wondered how other women pulled it off. Guess it just takes patience...which my bladder doesn't always have. :)

  4. I love the last picture (: