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Thursday, July 1, 2010

C'est La Vie


So, my really great day, ended up being followed up by a crappy day....C'est la vie, ya know? I want to keep my blog a positive place because, let's face it, nobody wants to be a Debbie Downer but sometimes when it rains, it pours and it's best to get it off your chest.



The gist of it is this. Our bank won an award for having the best balance sheet for two weeks in a row, and as a result, we won 3 days extra vacation and also a luncheon with the CEO and President. I thought it'd be a good idea to suggest to my manager to give them a heads up that I'm a vegetarian, but apparently that would be rude...And she suggested that I should sample the food they provide anyways!!!!!! I wanted to scream, "Are you crazy!!!" Does anyone know how dumb it's going to look that I will be bringing my own lunch to the luncheon? That will look more rude! But whatever.



Time to move on. The silver lining of my day ended up being that I have a vintage bike of my own that a friend will be helping to restore and I also thrifted a cute picnic basket for a little lunch date with Zach. And it was also nice enjoy some family time, which is why I'm actually smiling in my pictures.

O'neil Tunic, Macys ($10)
Jeans, Liz Claiborne ($15)
Wedges, Ross ($15)
Hat, UO ($10)


  1. love your tunic!
    I am also a vegetarian and my boss once told me that when we had lunch with a client, I had to take a little bit of all the food being passed on my plate....even if it was meat and pretend to eat it!!

  2. you look so sweet in this brightly colored tunic. :)
    yay for a vintage bike! hope tomorrow is better.

  3. aww this is a cute summery outfit! i love all the colors :) i can't wait to see your vintage bike! i just got a vintage-looking bike on tuesday and just ordered a basket and a bell for it! i love it and i can't wait to ride it to work on saturday! have a better day tomorrow dear<3