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Monday, June 28, 2010

Organized? Me? Yeah Right!


Oh man, I am having writer's block. I hate this! It typically happens on a Monday, since it's probably the crappiest day of the week, especially after a 3 day weekend. But them's the breaks right? Oh and the following pics were taken in my lovely dining room window, since it's hot as hell outside. There was no way I was getting Zach outside to walk 1/2 a mile to get to a little photo spot. It was probably 105 today, and it's not even July!




Nothing too exciting happened today, but I did put on my favorite chambray skirt. It was funny because I planned this outfit, like a good organizational person, only to lose the whole ensemble in my closet and I was frantically searching for 20 minutes for my new skirt. Finally I remembered it was hung up with this blouse over it (explaining why I didn't see it in the first place) but I felt like a total dweeb.



I guess I just need to get used to this whole planning my outfits thing. I'll work on that tonight!

Skirt, H&M ($10)
Blouse, Target ($3)
Shoes, Thrifted ($4)
Cardigan, Thrifted ($3)
Belt, Ebay ($7)


  1. That ruffled top is beautiful! And I love the combination of the blue skirt and the yellow shoes!

  2. ahh i need to find a chambray skirt asap!! love your ruffly blouse too! i think it's weird that it's super hot where you are and not so much here in southern california where it's supposed to be...

  3. Beautiful and inspiring outfit. You look gorgeous and I'm in love with your gorgeous skirt. Amazing sweet pictures! :-*

  4. Very Zooey D, Emily! Love this skirt, I'm sure you could pair it a million different ways & I'm loving the shirt & belt with it!

  5. Oy! It's definitely just as hot and humid in Vermont. Cute outfit though! I love the belt.

  6. Haha I actually did the same thing recently.

    I found an outfit I liked so I put both pieces of clothing on one hanger. Then a week later while trying to find the outfit, threw all my clothes onto my floor searching for it. After seeing the whole contents of my closet on the floor I grabbed the shirt off the hanger and saw the skirt.

    That's what I get for trying to be organized.