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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dressed in 30 Seconds or Less!!!


Here's an interesting tidbit about my outfit today. I chose my outfit in about 30 seconds. So here's the was the day that the pest control guy was going to be coming to our apartment. As I emerge from the shower in my towel there was a loud banging on my front door. I look through the peephole and some guy is standing there. I freaked and locked the door handle (since that key hole is different from the deadblot) and bolted to the bedroom to change into something. I was so pissed that the bug guy would be coming at 8 am! But it turned out that the guy was actually just some weirdo from our electric company doing electrical work outside and wanted to make sure our cars were moved from the work area.


The outfit is also a great example on how to take a simple dress and turn it into something interesting by adding some simple accessories. The cognac belt and wedges just go together well and the hat was the finishing touch! Obvisouly this wasn't rocket science, but I was just trying to look pulled together in a very short amount of time.




Oh and isn't this door the cutest thing ever?! I love the little art piece above the metal door. These are the loft apartments/studios that have that awesome marble mosaic, which I discovered on my little trip to the farmer's market. It was fun doing a little photo shoot in front of the pretty door, until creepy auto men from across the street started making comments and totally gawking at me. I swear, Zach is taking my pics and they still say stuff! Crazy weirdos. But I guess it seems strange to them that I'm hamming it up in front of the camera, for no apparent reason.

Dress, Ross ($10)
Shoes, Ross ($15)
Belt, Vintage ($3)
Hat, UO ($10)
Bracelet, Antique store ($4)


  1. The dress is lovely! Great timing ;)


  2. I love your matching accessories.

    Your hat is cute too. I look awful in hats but this one always looks perfect on you.

  3. Very pretty print on the dress and it matches your hat well.

  4. Amazing outfit. I love your dress. Really beautiful photos :)

  5. That dress is so pretty

  6. wow! 30 seconds...seriously? It looks fantastic! Something like that would've taken me at least 10min to put together.

  7. your dress is so cute.
    such a lovely blog.

  8. your dress is cute (you could totally wear it to..i don't know...A WEDDING!) hehe. i am starting to love dresses for that sole reason--how easy they are to style and wear out the door :) you look so cute emily! i need a brown belt!

  9. Thank you so much. I'll check it out :)

  10. i love that hat! and very cute blog