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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going Bananas for Bananas Leaves


Here I am wearing this damn banana leaf dress again! I can't help it! It's perfect for just about any occasion and it's a great dress for summer since it's all cotton and strapless. I even got to wear my Urban Outfitter's skimmers with it! I was so excited to see the UPS man walking into my branch with my box of pretty things. If only I had the luxury of ordering online when the mood strikes. Anyways, as soon as I opened my box, I ripped open the shoes, threw off my smelly old wedges and basked in the glory that is new pretty shoes!




So things have gone so much better today! Zach and I went to the mall to get my dad's Father's Day gift and I just so happened to see that H&M was having some massive sale for their spring items, so off I went! I found a great chambray pleated skirt and a pretty white blouse and I only spent $17! That's a lot of money when I'm used to thrifting, but I've been looking for a chambray skirt for eons now, and I figured ten bucks was cheap enough.



I hope everyone is gearing up for a fabulous Friday!! My Friday will be spent chilling with my friend 'D' watching some Rachel Zoe project (guilty pleasure) and of course work:)

Dress, Thrifted ($6) Black Skimmers, UO ($28) Necklace, Forever21 ($13) Purse, Fred Flare (gift)


  1. can't wait to see your new skirt! i'm glad things are looking up for you and zach (: shopping always helps to lift up a bad mood hehe! great new shoes and your dress just makes me wanna go to hawaii...or to some tropical rain forest hehe :) your necklace is fierce too!!

  2. great dress, looks awesome with that necklace! And I love fred flare, I would love to have a fred flare shopping spree

  3. what a pretty dress! i love the bold print on you! and I agree, nothing beats receiving a package in the mail! :)

  4. The print on the dress is fabulous and the necklace is pretty.

  5. That dress is so lovely I don't blame you for wanting to wear it all the time, you look so elegant and I love the retro feel!

  6. good shots!
    love love love the dress and your shades :)

  7. youre so right about receiving a good package. nothing beats it!

  8. I love your necklace, it goes so well with your pretty dress! You're right, getting a package of goodies in the mail is so exciting.

  9. That necklace looks amazing with this dress! I love it!