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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pretty Dress, New Mood


I am totally in a new mood today. My outfit helped with that! This is probably one of my favorite dresses and it makes me feel so springy and light. The fabric is airy and sheer and the bubble hem adds a bit of fun to the outfit. It may not have been the most appropriate dress for work, but hey what can you do.




And today Zach and I decided that we were going to do our best to eat local all the rest of the week. Our farmer's market has the best meals ever so we went over there for some yummy dinner. After dinner and chit chatting with the local vendors we decided to do my outfit photos next to the barn door. It's a fake door so I didn't have to worry about anyone knocking me over on the way out...hehehe...


I can't wait until we go back tomorrow. I am going to talk Zach into buying our dessert from the Cupcakery vendor! They were so tempting today. I could make my own delicious cupcakes, but then I wouldn't be supporting our local businesses and I'd have to wash dishes. So it's a win win!!

Dress, Thrifted ($2) Bow belt, Forever21 ($3) Flats, Kmart ($5)


  1. such a pretty dress! Can't believe you thrifted it for only 2 bucks, and that bow belt is adorable!

  2. pretty dress! love the floral print

  3. omg i LOVE farmer markets!!!!!! they're just so lively and filled with delicious food. the best part is all the samples haha :) love your dress dear! try to take photos of your trip to the market tomorrow so we can see!

    PS. i want to steal your belt...! it can be added to everything and anything! ahh!

  4. You always look so amazing. I love all your dresses, and your Style, your Blog :)
    Greetings, Luci :-*

  5. That is so awesome that your farmer's market has dinners! Brett and I would totally be hitting that up! xo

  6. That dress is so cute. You look great <3