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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Lovely Day in Smithfield


Zach and I also used our weekend to visit another cute historical location in Virginia. I swear, we're so lucky that we have so many things to do around here. Smithfield (you know like the ham) is a town famous for it's pork product but it was also a huge town back in the 1700s for new settlers. This place was seriously cute and reminded me of all the other cute main streets throughout the US. We ate lunch at the Gourmet Smithfield Bakery and indulged ourselves on some scrumptious food. Since Smithfield is know for pork products Zach ate a bacon and chicken wrap while I had a veggie sandwich on sundried tomato bread. I couldn't believe how big the sandwich was when it arrived. It definitley would've fed two people.


After our little lunch date, Zach and I headed up the main street to visit some more historical landmarks. One of which was a very old English style courthouse. It was fun talking with the old lady who ran the tour of the courthouse and she even offered to let us sit in the justice seats and take our picture. She was really excited that we were even visiting the courthouse and talked to us for about 30 minutes about the history of Smithfield....I'll spare you the details.


After our little trek about the town we headed up to a boardwalk to experience the swamp lands. This was the best place to take my outfit shots, since the sun was just right and the landscape was just so pretty.







This is definitely a photo heavy post, so I hope I didn't overload you.

Striped Top, BDG ($10)
Skirt, Thrifted ($3)
Shoes, UO ($28)
Hat, UO ($10)


  1. Such a cute outfit. It looks like you guys had such a fun weekend; I love historic visits :) I'm still loving that bag!

  2. Your Outfit is so beautiful. You're more than gorgeous! :-*

  3. The stripes are awesome! And that sandwich is actually making my tummy rumble, it looks like you had an awesome day!

    Cute blog! xx

  4. Beautiful outfit and the scenery is breathtaking. :)

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! What type of camera do you use? It looks like that sandwich could just hop right off the screen.

    Sounds like you two had a nice little adventure!

  6. what gorgeous photos! i'm so envious of your little getaways! i am in love with your red striped top dear! it's so perfect for summer!!

  7. This is a really cute outfit - I love it :) Also love the sunnies :)

  8. I love the red and white stripes!

    The boardwalk looks like a beautiful place to go for walks.

  9. I love the stripes! They're perfect for summer. A little preppy, a little nautical.

  10. what a fun outfit! perfect for roadtrips :)

  11. i know smithfield! my friend used to live right near there and i would visit him and find the best thrift stores all around there!

  12. Love the pendant! About your camera question: I don't have a DSLR! I want one terribly, but I just have a Canon point-and-shoot. I'm definitely not a fancy blogger... Hope you find something great! Annie.

  13. Absolutely love this! Your posts have been so wonderful lately - with bits and pieces of where you visit! I lovee it! xo I'm listening to Kevin Devine right now! Hehe! I'm liking itt!

  14. Like the ensemble and that sandwich has made me hungry