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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mmmm.. Bacon's Castle


Just kidding. Bacon's Castle has absolutely nothing to do with the scrumptious breakfast food (I speak from a previous meat eater's perspective) but instead was a home that was taken over because a man named Nathaniel Bacon. He ordered his his followers to do so and for the next four months this home had become a sort of fortress against the English Government. He was a pioneer farmer who became bothered by the idea that Indians were still among the settlers in Virginia. He decided it was his duty to unite farmers and slaves by revolting against the Indians and against the government. They used this place as their fort, while they battled against the government and burned down Jamestown. If you're a nerd like me, here's a little more background .





Most people don't know this about me, but I'm crazy about history, but more specifically Virginia history. It's so neat that these kinds of places are right in my own backyard. We drove about an hour out of our way to the oldest standing home in the entire country. It was built in 1652 by an English merchant named Arthur Allen. The APVA Preservation Virginia took over renovations of the home in the 1970s and have done a wonderful job of up keeping the property. It most certainly would've gone into disrepair if it hadn't be for the APVA Preservation Virginia buying the property.



Sorry if this is boring to most of you, but I'm just so passionate about history! So here goes the outfit details!! My little chambray skirt was a lucky find at H&M the other day. The cute little pleats and the light fabric made it perfect for a hot summer day, touring a mansion. I paired it with my floral shirt, since I knew there would be a large garden on the property and I figured I'd match my surroundings a little bit. The rest just fell into place. The wedges are part of the ensemble because they'd be comfortable, while giving me some height, and the belt for an added vintage touch. Then my favorite bag! This thing is huge and was a big help in carrying my 2 cameras and all my other crap.

Blouse, Thrifted ($3)
Skirt, H&M ($10)
Wedges, Ross ($15)
Belt, Vintage ($4)
Purse, UO ($20)


  1. What a gorgeous place!
    & i LOVE your outfit!

  2. I'm totally fascinated with historic places too so I appreciate the little history lesson. :) You look beautiful!

  3. I like your house... haha, that would be awesome. What a cool place to take pictures... great outfit and history to the house!

  4. Such a cute outfit! I love visiting historic places like that, especially in your own backyard.

  5. Ooh, I absolutely love this post! What a great historic location - Brett and I LOVE visiting places like this.. and I love your outfit! The one of you sitting in the grass is perfection! xo

  6. Wonderful outfit, gorgeous place. PERFECT! :-*

  7. just... so beautiful! thanks for the history lesson :)

  8. A perfect outfit for a day in Smithfield. You look so cool and collected!

  9. Gorgeous pics!
    That house is divine!
    I drive through the western part of VA when I visit my mom in NC (through Charlottesville and such) and love the rich history that thrives there!

    Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet

  10. The house has such amazing architecture and the outfit is simply beautiful, love the pale blue skirt :)

  11. That house is gorgeous. Brick buildings are my absolute favorite. Love your skirt too! Nice to know that you are a history buff too, it's my major.

  12. aww emily! you're looking so gorgeous! i love your chambray skirt! i love visiting historical places too, which is one thing i don't like about living on the west coast..there isn't too much history here...

  13. that building is so gorgeous and i love the history behind it. it gives it more of a character. :)
    i love these shots you took near it as well. your outfit is adorable and i'm loving your shoes.

  14. Thees photos are so pretty Emily! I'm catching up reading your blog (haven't had time to read any!) & I'm so impressed by the pictures.. great job, Zach! Loving all of your outfits too!