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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Trip to The Bird Sanctuary


The hot humid summer heat of southern Virginia is enough to keep everyone inside for the day. But today, Zach and I had other plans, and no stinkin' humid air was going to stop us! I recently discovered a cute little bird sanctuary just sitting behind our neighborhood, which sits strategically next to our shipping port, Norfolk Southern. Norfolk Southern is a shipping railway station and is responsible for the loud as hell trains that go through our neighborhood, and the coal dust that floats into our house, but also for this adorable sanctuary nestled in it's own little corner of West Ghent. Apparently, it was land donated by Norfolk Southern and is used as a little park for bird watching and nature walks.


Unfortunatley (or fortunately for us) it's completely abandoned from patrons. We were there for 45 minutes and we didn't see a single other soul. It was quiet, eerie, and full of distant chirping. But it gave me full advantage of my surroundings and I didn't feel the least bit self conscious.




The reason why I chose this setting was because I needed a place that would help compliment this dress. This is another dress that Tieka let me borrow (she wore it here) and since she wore it to a garden shop, I figured the next best place would be a bird sanctuary. The green lustrous trees made a nice backdrop for the pretty print of the dress. It's probably one my favorite outfits. I thought pairing the gray dress with brown would allow the print to stay in focus and the wedges were more for a little stability and style on the wobbly ground..hehehe..I totally almost ate it walking down a hill though!


Kew Garden's Dress, Modcloth (via Tieka's closet)
Ralph Lauren belt, Thrifted ($5)
Seychelles Wedges, Thrifted ($5)
Purse, Made from recycled plastic bag's by family friend (Gift)


  1. love that last photo of you dear!! (: i am loving all the ways you've been styling her dresses!

  2. I love the dress! This really was the perfect place to shoot it. I can't say that I'm not a little jealous - I'm a city girl, but sometimes wandering around in a forest full of birds sounds really nice as well! Lovely photos.

  3. If I lived that close to this sanctuary I would spend at least an hour everyday there. It looks so peaceful and relaxing. And the scenery compliments your dress just perfectly.

  4. I love these pictures, Emily! So beautiful :) The sanctuary looks so peaceful, too :)


  5. Beautiful Outfit and Photos :-*

  6. I love that dress on both you and Tieka.

  7. totally agree with Jasmine, the last photo is wonderful! that dress looks really good on you! thanks for the comment by the way


  8. I love bird sanctuaries, how lucky for you to have the whole place to yourselves! I love that dress too, so perfect for the occasion!

  9. Mama you are looking GORGEOUS! That dress is perfect on you, and you look like a model out there in the sanctuary. b-e-a-utiful :)

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  11. I LOVE the dress on you girl, you rock it!! xoxo