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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane (or Bridge)


I've been busy brainstorming places to do my photos, now that I've finally gotten over my extreme shyness. Yesterday was spent at a little park near my parents house. They have a cute little bridge over a teeny tiny creek and I remembered that bridge from when Zach and I were dating. We used to spend our days hanging out at the park during our summers off from school, so I was hoping that I could still remember where the bridge was. Unfortunatley, I didn't remember, but Zach did!





I went a little country with this outfit with my chambray dress and my fake straw purse. Since Zach and I are too afraid of venturing onto someone's unused farmland to take pictures, we figured we'd stick to the little country bridge in the park. Seriously, Virginia farmer's don't play and will not hesitate to shoot you off their property. If it's been in their family since the 1700s, they are extremely protective of it!



Oh and there's plenty of pictures with this post because we got to use my sister's DSLR Canon, so Zach was having fun playing with all the settings and using the lens, as opposed to using our point and shoot camera. One thing's for sure....Zach is a Nikon boy through and through, so once we have saved up our money we're buying a Nikon D-3000. We don't know when, but hopefully soon. It's a long story, but Zach used to be a camera enthusiast and we had a good collection of lenses to go with his D-70 and we ended up on hard times a couple of years ago, so he sold everything. All except one lens he paid $700 for (I wouldn't let him sell it).




Dress, Ross ($13) Sandals, Some store in AZ ($7) Purse, Plarn it All (gift) Bracelet, Vintage ($3)


  1. I'm glad you got over your shyness (I'm not over mine yet lol) b/c your pics are adorable! That park is so pretty :)

  2. I love this dress on you! You look great! And these photos are gorgeous!

  3. I love the little bridge--such a perfect place for photos! You look super cute in that little dress; country cool!

  4. I love the pictures, location, dress!! Everything! You look great!

    Sometimes it's hard with shyness, I am very shy but I act ridiculous in public to combat it, probably not the best... But yeah with pictures, if anyone says anything it's not like you will ever see them again.

  5. OH wow, awesome outfit. I love yours always. You're great :)

  6. I've been loving everything chambray lately. In fact, I just bought a chambray shirt this weekend. This dress looks adorable on you, and this bridge is really the perfect place to take photos!

  7. these photos are so wonderful dear! i love your cute little dress!!! i need some chambray in my closet!

  8. Such romantic pictures and I LOVE the cute little story about you and your love :) the love shines through the pictures!

  9. To answer your question, no I'm not from Akron--but I went to Kent State so I'm very familiar with the CLeveland/Akron area.
    Sooooooooo, thrifting, here's what you need to do...hit up the Village Discount Outlet--there's one in Akron on Waterloo Rd., then there's one in Cuyahoga Falls (pretty nearby), and then if you're really feeling brave, drive about an hour away and hit up the one in won't regret it. Village Discount Outlet is the exact chain of Ohio Thrift Stores I'm always raving might've noticed I comment a lot about the Ohio Thrift Stores! And, anyway, 50% of my closet is from there!!! So YOU MUST GO!

  10. i'm digging the new photo cropping/angles~ good stuff!

  11. These pictures are amazing and perfectly showcase that beautiful outfit. The dress, the bag, the shoes ... it all just works so wonderfully together. It also makes me really excited to get my own dslr. Must get on that.