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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dang This Heat Spell!


It's been a while, since I've logged into my blogger. It's only been since Thursday, but that's like an eternity to me. Truth be told, it is so hot in our apartment right not and the thought of having a blazing hot laptop on me, doesn't suit me well at all. And as you can see I've done my remix number 16 with the same shorts I've been sporting week after week. These shorts have been my saving grace with this 30 for 30 challenge. I can not begin to tell you how crazy hot it's been in southern Virginia. We've been struggling with this heat wave for far too long, and I'll be so happy to finally have some relief from it all. Just a couple of 80 degree days is all I ask.



This heat has also caused me to have quite a scare the other day. It was 105 degrees without heat index and my father decided to try and mow the backyard. I don't understand why he would choose to do something like that, but he tries very hard to keep the yard looking neat, so I guess he figured if he did it earlier in the day it would be fine. That wasn't the case. My dad pushed himself too hard and ended up collapsing on the kitchen floor, scaring the crap out of my mom. It took him a minute to come around, but he had no idea that he fell and doesn't remember anything about it. So yeah, it's that hot around here.



Other than all that, everything is fine. I'm preparing my Mad Men party today and I couldn't be more excited! I found an awesome 60s chip and dip server, a retro oj pitcher, and other little cute do dads to decorate the apartment. And for all you Mad Men obsessed fans out there, I will definitely be serving UTZ potato chips. Ya know, because "Utz are better than nuts!" Oh and there will most definitely be Old Fashions and mock tails.

Blouse, Thrifted ($4)
Shorts, Target ($20)
Sandals, Ross ($13)
Sunnies, Forever21 ($2)


  1. This outfit is sooo simply gorgeous. I love your shirt so much and the pictures are stunning!!

  2. All I can say is.. I'm about to DIE in this humidity/ heat.. & I'm ready for a mock tail...

  3. So sorry to hear about your Dad! At least he was able to recover and not have to go to the hospital! We've been struggling with the same heat wave in PA and I can't WAIT for September/October to come around.

    Have fun with the party! I've always wanted to attend a Mad Men themed party but none of my friends are into the show.

  4. You can pull off a heat wave with ease! Sweet blouse!

  5. i have definitely missed you dear! i do hope your dad is all better now and that this heat wave you're experiencing goes away real soon! despite all that, you look lovely and i love how the sun is shining in these photos :)

  6. i love your blouse, its so pretty! I hope it cools down over there

  7. Yikes! That's scary about your dad..this heat wave is no joke. Even in NY it's been ridiculously hot. But you still manage to look cute! :) Love the sunlight in your photos.


  8. This is so simple and adorable. It looks great on you and these pictures are fantastic with the blazing sun!

  9. You're enduring the heat in style! I just started on Season 1 of Mad Men via Netflicks...I think I'm going to like it...

  10. Loving the light in these shots. Hope your dad feels better!