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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Many Happenings


One of the things I love best about living where we live, is the fact that there is always something to do. For example, Friday night was spent at a The Big Lebowski movie festival that included white russians, costume contests, and a sold out independent movie theatre. It was coordinated by an local online news source and it was absolutely fabulous! I laughed my ass off at the costume contest. The winner was actually a kid dressed like Larry (the kid who lost his homework) and man was it funny! The guy who dressed like Jesus won second place, and he took his character super serious. He made the whole place roar as he wax his bowling ball. If you haven't seen the movie I highly recommend it, if you enjoy the rather obscure.



Saturday night was spent at a gallery opening. Our neighbors/friends knew the artist, Jason Levesque, so they invited us out. Since we were heading to a gallery opening, we decided it'd be best to dress up a little. And since I am still doing the 30 for 30 challenge, this posed...well a challenge. I didn't take into account that I'd be needing to dress up when I picked out my outfits, so I decided to stick with basic black. For some added interest I just threw a pretty scarf onto my head and some jewelry, and I was set to go:)


The place was packed, since Jason's work was featured on the front page of our Friday newspaper, so art buyers were steadily coming in to purchase prints and paintings. I loved the showing. There were actually two artist showing that night in a collaborated effort. The name of the exhibit was Pretty Girls, and both of the artists took the female form to new heights. Here's a link to the Jason's blog Stuntkid. The other artist, Erik Jones, had amazing art too, but unfortunately, his website does not seem to be working, but here's a link to some of his work. Another awesome tidbit about the show? Instead of the usual cheese and cracker spread, they reserved an icecream truck so everyone could choose a yummy cold treat. It was hot as blazes, it the icecream truck was extremely popular. Such a fun evening.

Dress, Ross ($10)
Shoes, UO ($28)
Necklace, FredFlare (gift)
Purse, Fred Flare (gift)
Scarf, Thrifted ($2)


  1. Wonderful dress, love the sweet pictures :)

  2. ah! i need to take this into consideration as i choose my items today and tomorrow! you still managed to look so great for a night out :) black is always the way to go!

  3. You make a simple black summer dress look so cute. What is your secret? On me this look would just be so so.

  4. you had me at "ice cream truck." What a fun festival; i love the Big Lebowski, classic, classic.

    speaking of: you in that LBD rocking the joint. I didn't know you were doing the 30 on 30. So even more kudos for taking that challenge.

    Now back to that ice cream truck....

  5. simple chic! i love your necklace :)

  6. I loveee this! You can never go wrong with an adorable LBD! xo