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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Remix Number Nine! Oreo Style!


We're on to number 9 now for the remix! This is more fun than I thought it would be. Today's look was basically, well basic! Black and white. Can't get more basic than that I guess. It wasn't a cop out or anything. It just so happened my black blouse fit really well over the white dress. And sometimes a little black and white outfit can be refreshing! Although, I couldn't really not mix a little color in the outfit, so I threw on the belt.



Although I'm having fun with this 30 for 30 Remix Challenge, I am finding that I'm missing my little shopping excursions. It was a stress reliever for me and I'm sure most of you can relate to that. I even forgot about the shopping ban for a hot minute and started filling up my shopping cart with all sorts of Urban Outfitters goodies, during their online sale, only to realize what I was doing after 10 minutes! How depressing! Their best sale of the summer and I can't even partake...hehehe




Well, it's only Wednesday, so I hope everyone is already gearing up for a good weekend! I actually don't have to work this Saturday, so I'll be heading up to Ikea with a friend on Saturday!! I'll be looking for little odds and ends, while she'll be looking for tons of stuff, since she is moving into her new condo. I will definitely need to show some composure. Most of the time when I make Ikea trips I get a little crazy and buy tons of crap I don't have room in my house for..haha..much to Zach's delight. I already promised him I wouldn't do that though...cross my heart.

Dress, H&M ($30)
Blouse, JCP ($10)
Belt, Vintage ($3)
Bag, Avon (Gift from mom)
Scarf, Thrifted ($4)


  1. omg ikea is so fun! when i move out, i'll probably go a little crazy too hehe. poor robert will have to build pretty much everything while i'm out probably buying even more stuff for our apartment :)

    i think a little black and white is always good to go back to since it's a classic color combo! but i love how you added the green in there :)

  2. I like this. You look so summer-y.

    And FEWF that was ALMOST a close one with Urban Outfitters. ;)