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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enjoying the View


With the impending rain storm that appeared to be coming, I had to nix my ideas for shooting today and use the fire escape at my apartment. This was fine, since the fire escape has such a great view for stormy weather. I just make sure to step off the metal fire escape when I see lightening. I rather like these shots actually. The roughness of the rusty iron really contrasts with my outfit and gives it a different look then I was initially looking for.




The is Number 17 for the remix. This shirt is really awesome and I'm so excited that I have remixed it into so many outfits. It went really well with the chambray skirt and I was loving the simplicity of adding accents of black to the outfit. It made getting dressed this morning very easy.


Oh and here's a sad fact. I've worn these Urban Outfitters shoes so many times in the month and a half I've had them, that they are completely worn through the sole. I can not begin to tell you how absolutely sad I am about this! They have been the most comfortable and cute shoes and I really can't live without a pair of black flats. So I may have to break my no shopping stance and pick up a pair from a thriftstore or something. At least for my job's sake. All I would have left are a few pair of flat sandals and that is a complete no-no in the bank.

Shirt, UO ($10)
Skirt, H&M ($10)
Belt, Forever21 ($3)
Shoes, UO ($28)
Necklace, Vintage ($14)


  1. ugh i hate it when that happens--when you have a favorite shoe and you wear it to its death. i too am on the hunt for some plain black flats! i love your outfit today dear :) i wore something similar today--striped red top and a chambray skirt and a black bow belt hehe! these photos also came out really well!

  2. again I love that striped shirt...the detailing on the skirt is great.

  3. Oh the stripes are lovely with that skirt. Very nice.