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Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood


Not our neighborhood though...hehehe... We ended up heading out to the other side of town to the Freemason District of Norfolk and enjoyed a nice walk down the cobblestone street (original since 1700s) and walked down to the marina for some nice scenic views of the Elizabeth River. It was getting extra gloomy outside so we hurried with our picture taking and just as we were ready to head back to the car, it started pouring! I was soaking wet and lucky me I was wearing white pants! Or unlucky me..which ever. Let's just thank god I was wearing underwear;)




I was a little sad our walk had to be over so soon, but we did make it to Machismos in time for some yummy burritos! I swear, their burritos are the biggest I've ever seen. No joke, it was as big as my head. If I wasn't so ravenous and didn't eat that damn thing in 4 minutes, I would've taken a picture just to prove what the biggest burrito in the world looked like..haha! I felt like a total pig when Zach got stuffed from just 1/2 the burrito and I had already eaten all mine, but that's cool.



The rest of the afternoon was spent in a food coma. Basically I was immobile and just ended up falling asleep to the sound of vuvuzela horns coming from the futball game. Just so everyone knows, I refuse to say soccer, just based on principal...why are American's so smug about being so different? Also, I embrace my English heritage by spelling the word Grey. And if I could get away with it...I'd switch all the mileage signs to metric measurements. Alright, this is nonsense...but that's just me being me!


Alright! Day 6!

Black blouse, JCP ($10)
Paper Denim Cloth jeans, Thrifted ($6)
Butterfly Belt, Ebay ($8)
Wedges, Thrifted ($4)
Hat, Target ($15)


  1. You are nuzzling up in my heart, Daily. I'm NOT English, but I write GREY. Probably because I read a lot as a kid, and that's how it was spelled in the books I read, or maybe, the word just looks better: grey. Speaking of looks, you look summer fabulous in the while slacks and hat! So old school East Coast. And those cobblestones are terribly photogenic too. Why do we travel on concrete again? Ah yes, progress.

  2. Such an adorable summer outfit! I <3 the white pants.

  3. this is such a chic look! I love they white pants, very smart, and so elegant with the black blouse. The hat makes it all a bit more "Diane Kruger on a day in the city", love it.

    And I type grey too:)

  4. you are TOTALLY rocking those white pants! love em!

  5. oh, and im doing the 30/30 challenge too! check out my blog!

  6. Great outfit! I love the easy-breeziness of the white pants...they look perfect!

  7. love the outfit. you look beautiful! i am loving the hat too. me & hats have never gotten along, but you look good in them xoxo

  8. Those are great white pants. I've always wanted a pair of white pants and that something I've never own. I always feel that I'm bound to spill something on them. hee hee. Lookin' fab. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  9. Beautiful pants! I'm so inspired I think I might run out and get a pair this week . . .

  10. omg i write grey too! it just looks better haha! anyway love this outfit dear! you look great in trousers! it appears that we have switched weather! it's getting pretty hot here and i see that you have taken our rain and gloomy skies! the scenery in this post is so breathtaking--that's why i want to visit the east coast and travel along it because of all the history!

  11. One of my favorite outfits of you! You pull off white pants so well. :)

  12. Yes! Agree with all of the above, very flattering pants on you! White pants are hard to pull off but you totally nailed it. I wish I had the courage to try white trousers. :)

    Check out my blog when you get a chance.

  13. You look amazing!! I love the white pants! I absolutely hate when I eat my ENTIRE meal and Brett eats a bite or two. I'm like c'mon.. at least eat to make ME feel better! Haha! I went through your package finally today (geeez, I'm so behind!) and I absolutely LOVE the dresses you sent me. I cannot wait to style them up!! You're the BEST!