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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 22 A Little Brightness to My Day


It's not often that I come into work and have one of my co-workers bust out laughing at my outfit. Usually she finds my tights selection a little outlandish, but today took the cake. She could not get over the fact I was sporting orange legs!!! I'll admit, it might be a little much, but honestly I loved it! It kind of put me in a cheerful mood and it definitley brightened up my work space. Sporting these tights also put me in the mood to go shopping for more colorful tights. I've been meaning to try out We Love Colors tights, so after Christmas I'll be treating myself to a few pairs.



So I've been getting this question, "Are you all set for Christmas?" about 50 times a day. Being in the customer service department leads to tons of small talk about upcoming holidays, weather, and whatever else someone could think of. But let me tell you, I am not all set for Christmas. It's only December 9th, and I love to procrastinate. I haven't even started my Christmas cards yet! It's been a little crazy these last couple of days and whatever energy I have left, I usually use it to read blogs and catch up with people. So now I pose the question to you guys! Are you all set for Christmas?

Dress, Thrifted
Gap Blouse, Thrifted
Orange Tights, RiteAide
Vintage Boots, Ebay
Ring and Headband, Forever21


  1. Christmas cards? Ugh. I only dream of being so together that I could send out cards.

    Once I get paid tomorrow, I hope to finish up my shopping online.

    I absolutely love your tights! I've heard lots about We Love Colors but haven't tried them yet either - maybe I'll treat myself to some after the holidays too!

  2. LOL about the Christmas comments! I've been getting them too :) I just decorated my apartment today! And I love your colorful tights :)


  3. Ugh, I can't stand it when people think your style is funny and laugh in your face. I have a friend who would always laugh about my oversized sunglasses and it drove me nuts!

    Anyway ... Christmas. Yeah. I'm trying to be as ready as possible, because I'm traveling the next 2 weekends, so it will be here before I know it! Ack!

  4. I love this outfit! I can't wait to try out the dress over a blouse look :) That plaid skirt is so darling and so perfect for the holidays! To be honest, I didn't even notice your orange tights--I thought that was just how your legs looked haha :P I'll be doing my Christmas shopping in Vegas at the outlet malls :D Wee!

  5. Cute outfit!

    I'm hosting a giveaway:

  6. Emily! I just got your package in the mail and I loved it! The little Virginia ornament is so cute and I loved the hair accessory. All of it was great! Hopefully you will be getting yours soon, it just occurred to me that in my hustle and bustle earlier this week I completely forgot to throw a note in it, but Happy Holidays!

  7. your co worker is clueless, those golden orangey tights are just perfect with this simple sixties look! the perfect way to give it some warmth and fun quirk. love it :)

  8. I LOVE colored tights! Seriously. I have an obsession. Haha. They look great on you!

    & No, I am unfortunately NOT set for Christmas! I'm getting reeeally nervous, I haven't bought one gift! I really need to get on that! Lol :)

    KF x

  9. Those don't look crazy orange - I thought they looked like a great color of mustard and I loved them when I opened the page.
    I just got my first pair of We Love Colors in maroon the other day - I'm about to enter the world of colored tights!

    The Auspicious Life