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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 25 Snow Day!!


Hello friends! Here I am sporting my 25th look but I've completely covered it with my ultra warm coat. Here's why. It's absolutely freezing outside, I really like my coat, and it usually takes Starla 5-10 minutes to do her business in the snow. Who wants to be without a jacket that long? Not me! So I am wearing my jeggings, black Zara sweater, and my black boots and calling it a day. It really hasn't been too bad with all the snow, but they had to give my work an early day because weather in Virginia doesn't get like this much, so we're always poorly prepared for snow days. It's pretty scary to be driving in it, only because no one is used to slick icy road conditions.



So, instead of my usual routine of working till 5 today I am going to use this snow day to bake cookies (which I've been putting off now for 5 days) finish wrapping presents, and eating pizza. I've already decided that at 4:30pm I'll be calling my local pizza place and just lounge around the apartment stuffing my face while watching more Christmas movies. I need to get the bah hum bug out of me before I turn into a little green Grinch.

Coat, H&M
Jeggings, Thrifted
Rubber boots, Kmart
Hat, Forever21
Gloves, H&M


  1. Your afternoon sounds like the kind I only dream of! Ah. Enjoy it to the fullest.
    And I adore your coat and boots! Great combo.

  2. We just got off too! We were hoping to have the whole day off, but we stayed open longer than the rest of the banks/credit unions in our area! I'm just glad I made it home through the snow :) People in Richmond can't drive well in it either!


  3. I did that one day for my challenge as well, covering up with a coat when it was cold. You look so cute! Everyone has such great snow day style, I wish it was snowing here!

  4. Well, at least your coat is gorgeous! I love the color and silhouette! And your dog looks just like mine...I'm totally envious of the little jacket!

  5. That coat is amazing! And so is your dog! I'm somewhat jealous (and not jealous) of your snow - I live in AZ and its still in the 70s!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  6. rubber boots from kmart??! i'll have to check it out! and to the comment doesn't snow here, so i am jealous of it!

  7. Wow that coat is cool! :) Aw and that dog, cutiepie!

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  8. Wow, what a truly stunning coat... It is SO gorgeous! I love the camel color and big, brown buttons. It makes me wish we had an H&M where I lived so bad...

    And I'm with you on lounging around, wrapping presents, baking cookies, and watching Christmas movies. My winter break just started and those are all things I'm really wanting to do!

  9. I love love love your coat! H&M seriously always has the best coats, whenever I'm in the market for a new one that's where I go! You look beautiful here!

  10. adorable dog! like his outfit haha:)