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Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 30 It's The Final Countdown


Remember when you were a kid and giddy with excitement about an impending snow storm? School would be canceled and all the fun white stuff was yours for the taking? I once remember hearing the news about a huge blizzard coming our way in Virginia, way back in 1996, and woke up the next morning to absolutely nothing. Nothing!!! I can't describe the disappointment I had and knew I'd be going to school that day. Luckily it started snowing mid-day and school was let out early. And then we experience an ice-storm which took our power out for 2 days. That wasn't cool, but at least I didn't have school! hehe...



That whole scenario played out again this morning, only we had already collected 15 inches of snow. After much back and forth between weather hotlines, my work finally decided at 8:30am to close for the day. Thank goodness!! My car is stuck in 15 inches of snow, with no hope for escape!


Anyways, since I knew I would be walking around in this mess, I felt the need to throw on jeans and my most comfiest of t-shirts and cardigan. At least my most comfiest of my 30 for 30 wardrobe. And what's this?!! I'm all done!!! Hooray! I finally accomplished something all the way through. So it took me almost two whole months, but at least I finished!


P.S. I hope my blog title got the song in your head! hehehehe...

T-shirt, Forever21
Boyfriend Cardigan, Forever21
Jeggings, Thrifted
Galoshes, Kmart
Scarf, Gift
Coat, H&M
Hat, Forever21

****Edit--Here's what's attached to my leesh:)



  1. You look so warm and cozy! That hat is adorable on you and I love the bright red scarf!

  2. This is one adorable outfit. I love all the knitted stuff you are wearing! And I totally remember the blizzard of 96! It hit us like crazy and I woke up to a couple feet of snow. It was a child's dream : )

  3. you are perfectly dressed for a wintry snow day!

  4. im wondering are you holding your dog's string there? im curious to see the dog haahaha, and i love those boots! it looks..strong. You can walk on thick snow without worrying it's broke or something hahaha :D


  5. cool outfit! simple but cute!



  6. You look cute! I love your scarf. All of that snow sounds crazy, especially in Virginia Beach. I kinda wish it would snow like that here in Texas.

    Your dog is so cute! Looks like the snow is deeper than she/he is tall!

  7. Your hat is insanely adorable and the red scarf is so fun. Happy holidays!! (And goodness, that is a lot of snow!)

  8. Looveee this outfit.. your pictures are incredible!

  9. You look so thin Emily! Ah! What's your secret?! I love this comfy, cozy, casual outfit of yours! All the chunky knits make me so happy! That scarf is so cute! These photos are wonderful too! I want to visit you in Virginia one day!

  10. Ok Ok...My secret to thinness is walking about 1.5 miles a day, eating tons of veggies and beans, eating a hearty bowl of oatmeal in the morning with coffee and that's about it I think. I started weight watchers at the beginning of the year thanks to Tieka too:)

  11. Congrats on finishing the 30 for 30! Yay!
    And for your final outfit you did comfy and chic all in one perfect outfit. Your hat and scarf are absolutely adorable!
    Good luck with that snow!

    PS Yes, the song is running through my head now! :)

  12. Loving your layering skills. Cute outfit, and blog :D