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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Nice Christmas Dress


I guess it's fair to say I cheated a little with the 30 for 30. I didn't finish before I broke out a new dress that I receive for a Christmas gift. I absolutely love putting on new clothes as soon as I receive them and I just couldn't wait to throw on this dress with my new boots and do a little photo shoot on Christmas day. Plus it gave Zach a chance to try out the new camera. So it was a win win for both of us!



The best things about this dress is that it is floral (which I love), short, and has half sleeves for warmth in the winter months. I also appreciate a dress that can be a mini but with long sleeves, which gives it a more demure attitude. Usually the Forever21 dresses can be so revealing, you might as well be wearing a bathing suit, so imagine my surprise that you can actually find something that has coverage and has a sophisticated silhouette at a store catered towards teenage girls. Hooray!

Dress, Forever21
Boots, Avon
Bracelet, Archives
Headband, Forever21


  1. i am so deeply in love with your dress! gorgeous!

  2. Boots and dress are both awesome! Very cute!

  3. I love the shape and style of this dress! I do the same thing when I get new clothes, I can't help it.

    Totally agree about F21. Everything is either sheer, wayyyyyy too short, or just too weird! Glad this dress is an exception.


  4. this dress is wonderful! what a great gift! i put on my new stuff immediately after--it's one of the best parts of shopping and buying things hehe :)

  5. Such a great dress...cannot believe it is F21. I always want to wear new clothes right away when I get them.

  6. aw you look lovely! hope you had a great Christmas

  7. Looking so lovely!
    The print on the dress is just so darling :D
    Go Forever21 for having a sophisticated dress!

  8. You look lovely, that dress is marvellous :)

    Happy new year,

    autumn coffee and inspiration