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Thursday, December 22, 2011



Oh my god!!!  Is it Saturday yet? I'm really super excited for a 3 day weekend full of family, friends, and presents.  Zach and I usually wake up extra early and do our gift exchange and then go to my parent's home for more gift giving and breakfast.  My dad makes killer waffles, so just typing about them is making me hungry.  


How about you guys?  What kind of plans do you all have for the holiday season?  I wish I could say that I was also flying up to Michigan to give my nephew a hug and meet my new niece, but holiday vacations are scarce to come by in the financial world.  So it goes....  But I am hoping to skype with them on Christmas!!


Oh and about the clothes.  I finally found the perfect boat neck striped top for romping around in during the weekend.  It's thrifted but its Ralph Lauren so the quality is pretty darn awesome for a t-shirt.  I absolutely love the button details and the fit.  It's my new favorite shirt.


Shirt, Thrifted
Pants and Boots, Target
Hat, Vintage

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