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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spreading the Cheer


What with my obsessions with the holidays at the moment, I figured I'd do what comes naturally and wear my totally rad reindeer sweater I bought in July!!!  It is so soft and so cute, I could probably see myself wearing it all winter long, but that might look a little odd.  I mean, I'm not that into the holidays.  But for the month of December I will wear my reindeer sweater for as long as I want!!!


The funny part of this outfit is how pre-meditative it was!!  I knew that we'd be dropping off our rent check in the cute little neighbhorhood known as Freemason, which is littered with fake holiday garlands, lights, bows, holly, and all that stuff.  Perfect scenery for Christmas sweaters!  And I swear to you, up on a 2nd level porch, there was a fat jolly white bearded man wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt staring at me while Zach did my photos.  Now, I don't really believe in Santa....but just maybe... ;)  I should have given him my card so he'd take a look at my Christmas Wishlist!!!  Ho! Ho! Ho!


Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that this getup was worn twice this past week.  Once while at work during jeans day and then on Saturday.  That's how much I love this sweater. 


Vintage Children's Sweater, Thrifted
Blouse Underneath, Ann Taylor
Jeans, Target
Shoes, Kmart

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