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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bad Ass Florals


Nothing like a 90s floral dress to really unlease the angst teenager in me!!!  I found this gem hiding in a rack full of basic black dresses and I was instantly drawn the pretty fabric.  The lace collar was just a double perk!!  I kind of ho-hummed about the purchase since this dress was about $9, but after I tried it on I knew I had to get it!  By the way, $9 is kind of steep for a thrift store dress from the mid 90s.  I know in a vintage store they'd probably ask about $20 or something but its all in the presentation.  This thing was wrinkled and just stuffed in the rack. 

To round out the rest of my Angela Chase inspired outfit, I threw on a faux leather jacket.  It was probably my most bad-ass outfit to date. .....Please read my last statement as sarcasm ;)  Oh and the larger than life platforms were worn because dresses this length tend to make my legs look stumpy so to combat that issue I always wear super high heels.  And thankfully I didn't fall on my face!!  


Oh, I hope everyone's week is starting out okay!!!  I have one more full day of work left this week and I'm super excited!!  I love having time off for myself to get things done and I'm finally making time to get my hair cut.  It's been about 1 1/2 years since I've cut my hair or did anything to it and I'm getting so nervous!!!  So guys, I need your help!!!  Should I or shouldn't I get bangs?  


Dress, Thrifted
Shoes, Piperlime
Jacket, Tulle
Hat, Vintage

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