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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Loving My Sunset Evenings


Sunset evenings are by far my most favorite parts to my weekend.  Mainly because during the week I miss those last few glimpses of the sun light and leave home in the dark cold weather.  Although it was mighty cold by the Hague, when I felt the warmth of the sun light on my face it instantly felt like a perfect evening. 


And my outfit is actually something I threw together haphazardly while getting ready to head out on a thrifting adventure with my friend Brittany.  Our local thrift store has a Facebook page and they were unleashing the monster in me by uploading pictures of their huge vintage stock which came in on Thursday.  I wish I could share this thriftstore with all of you guys!!!  It's so incredible!!  A huge long rack was covered in vintage threads and it was only a 1/4 of their inventory!!!  Everything from denim bell bottoms, to polyester jumpers, to sweaters and all kinds of party dresses!!  


I hope everyone enjoys these last few hours of their weekend!!!  I'll be using mine for lots of gift wrapping, movie watching and coffee drinking!!!

I 'Heart' Ronson Sweater, Thrifted
1960s Dress, Sweet Lorain in Cleveland, OH
Olive Tights, JC Penney
Shoes, Kmart

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