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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Achieving Your Zen


I don't know about you guys but I love being in that place in my mind where everything is tranquil and calm.  Everyday I try to achieve this sort of zen like quality in myself by taking nice long walks with only my thoughts to keep me company.  Usually I accompony these thoughts with music and that is where Mazzy Star comes in.  They are perhaps my favorite band at the moment and Hope Sandova's voice is so therapeutic for me.  I can't list any of the songs by favorite, because they are so amazing to me, but I find that Fade Into You is the most memorable song to me.  I fell in love with it when I watched this teenage angst movie, Angus, and then remembered it years later and Zach and I danced to it at our wedding.


Among other things I also find tranquilty in morning routines.  I used to do yoga regularly but I've sort of ran out of space in my bedroom for that, so instead I just do morning stretches to relax any tension and to feel renewed.  Oddly enough, my tranquility doesn't come through when I'm getting dressed for the day. That's just pure chaos.  Finding matching shoes can be a pain, as well as piecing together something that is halfway decent for work.  So what do you guys do to find your tranquility? 


Oh and here's a video of Mazzy Star.  Check out her style!  This video is from 1993 I think.

Skirt, Tulle
Lace Top, Dillards
Target Dolce Vita Boots, Gift
Tights, Target
Long Necklace, Etsy
Shorter Necklace, Fred Flare


  1. I find my tranquility at about 8:30pm, after my son is in bed, with a glass of wine and just my thoughts. While I love my sometimes busy days I always look forward to my quiet me-time.

  2. I drink coffee. Or wine. Depending on the time of day. :)

    I love that lace top!

  3. Your outfits have been killing it lately! Seriously, I'm in love!! :]

  4. oh man i LOVE that song! i have to upload that CD to my itunes.

    i feel like i havent been taking the time to find enough "zen" time recently, and have been trying to reclaim it little by little. standing in the shower an extra minute, taking deeper breaths when i get stressed, relaxing my shoulders, etc. and trying to do more yoga.

  5. So while tinkering with your html, I fell in love with this outfit so many times with all the previewing I had to do hehe :) I agree with Tieka--your outfits lately have been phenomenal! I absolutely love that skirt! It's so nautical-esque! To find tranquility, I drink some tea and listen to music, or I just go for a long walk with my ipod. :)

  6. I love everything about this outfit! Seriously. & Your hair looks awesome!

    KF x

  7. I love the lace top and lace-up boots. Cute combination!

  8. your necklace is so beautiful!! :) lovely outfit!! im a new follower!!

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