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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Vintage Sweater


Well hello there!! Don't mind the crazy hair.  I did it myself, as if you couldn't tell! hehe...Oh man did I over do it with the hairspray.  This is why I try to keep my hair simple with a hair straightener and maybe a bun.  


Although my hair has seen better days, I am digging this navy and black combination.  I threw on the vintage floral cardigan for some added interest to my outfit.  My friend gave it to me during my 30 for 30 challenge and I was itching to wear the whole time.  I'm guessing by the construction of the sweater, it's probably from the 1950s.  I was actually with my friend when she bought it and she took it home to wash it and it just shrank!  Luckily for me it shrank down to my size and she kept it for me!  I love the print of the flowers and the quality of the wool is out of this world.  Sometimes vintage is just better, in my opinion.


I hope everyone had a lovely hump day!  I love Wednesdays!  It's the perfect balance to the work week.

Sweater, Vintage
Shirt, Charlotte Russe
Skirt, Thrifted
T-Strap Heels, Thrifted
Belt, Thrifted


  1. Vintage is definitely better when it comes to that sweater, jeeeeez woman, that is seriously the best sweater I've ever seen. That floral is amazing! It reminds me of Medieval illuminated texts for some reason. Also I love those shoes! I'm a fan of the black shoes with white tips. Argh so pretty. ;__;

    Yess, Digestives are so good! They are like these crazy grain cookies (biscuits, in England-speak), and you can get them with chocolate frosting and they are quite delicious.

  2. I love your sweater! I agree- vintage sweaters are the best :) I don't have any as pretty as yours though ;)

  3. That sweater truly is amazing, you could wear it with so many things!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  4. Oh that sweater is beautifil! I like it's print!

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  5. Your sweater! It's so pretty.. actually reminds me of Zooey D! & your page looks great too, love your new header!

  6. Woah! Those shoes are awesome!!!!!!!!! I love the vintage cardigan too, i really adds a lovely dose of color. Although I'm not opposed to navy/black combos on their own, that's something I do love for sure; just sayin' though, that sweater is the bees knees!

  7. The cardigan is perfection..
    You wear it lovely lovely lovely~

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  8. Oh that sweater! I loved it too, right up until I realized that I'd never be able to wear it again. I think I gave that to you right after we left Salvation Army and we had run into Brittany. And that fantastic gray dress with the lime green accents. I want to see that dress Britt!!!! Glad to see that sweater getting taken out and about!