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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Always Practical Poncho


Well I woke up to a very peaceful Saturday morning, due to the fact that Zach was away at a class all day.  He was less than thrilled but I was a little excited to have the whole apartment to myself for the day.  When you're married, these kinds of days can be few and far between so I decided to get out on my own, grab brunch, rent a movie, and kick back and relax.  So long as I got all my chores done! 



But all that changed when I got a phone call from my friend Diane asking if I'd like to hit up a local flea market.  Of course!!!  I didn't plan on buying anything but I just wanted to go along for the ride.  Well, the flea market wasn't in existence, so we went to a fabulous new Goodwill in the area.  And score!!!  I found so many pretty things.  Hardly any of it fit though.  A vintage Gunne Sax dress was begging for me to buy it, but it was too darn small in the butt area.  Apparently size 7 back then was more of a size 1.  Oh well.  I did find this amazing poncho though!!!  

I hope everyone's weekend is shaping up to be fun and productive. Oh and Emily Allison from Nudgenick Loves Twinkle Lights did a great interview with me.  Take a look at her blog and read her other interviews with awesome bloggers and her style posts!
Black Sweater, Gift
Vintage Poncho, Thrifted
Jessica Simpson Jeggings, Dillards
Vintage Boots, Ebay
Hat, Forever21
Gloves, Gift from Co-worker

Edit:  DO NOT BUY JESSICA SIMPSON JEGGINGS!!! Those pieces of shit ripped like paper today.  Right down the crotch.  Ok...done venting now.  Just don't buy them! Today was the first and only day I wore them.


  1. major envy going on in my head right now. i almost bought a red one just like yours, and now i really really wished i woulda. you look delicious.

  2. amazing poncho, a total score! and i completely agree, sometimes a day to yourself is just heaven!

  3. that poncho is fabulous!!! and i love how you paired it with black - but the orange and black arent halloween-ish at all. did all your snow melt already?!

  4. looooooooooove that poncho!! especially with the boots. you look fabulous!!!

  5. I promise never to buy Jessica Simpson jeggings. You should take them back since they were obviously defective.
    And how does every other thrift store besides the ones I go to have awesome ponchos and capes? It looks so good with your beanie and boots!

  6. Thanks for the tip on those jeggings. I was apprehensive about her shoes, but now I have a few pairs, but have never bought her clothes. Good to know.

    BTW - I'm in LOVE with your poncho.

  7. Very pretty, Emily!! I love the poncho- the color looks great on you :) I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend :)


  8. That poncho really is an amazing amazing amazing find! I love how the color is sorta kinda similar to your hair :)

  9. I love that hat on you, I have a very difficult head to look nice in hats but you look so cute! and of course the poncho is looooove

  10. I love that poncho, you must have the best thrift stores in your area. Because you always have such wonderful pieces.

  11. that poncho is such an amazing color! great find!

  12. I love going to flea markets. It's so fun looking for goodies.
    The poncho is awesome!

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