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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

But Get That Ice or Else No Dice


It's been a few days since I've last updated my blog!!!  The weather just won't stay nice!!  That is, until this morning when I woke up to pretty blue skies and birds chirping.  I think Mother Nature has been confused lately.  Anywho, I took advantage of the nice weather and called up my sister to see if she wanted to take some shots of my outfit!!  It was pretty early in the morning, but I love the light that comes from the morning sun.  It's just perfect.


I was excited to put on a pretty dress and glam myself up a little for a morning romp to the park.  A little ridiculous, but I'm not all that conventional when it comes to my wardrobe.  I threw on my brightest dress and my platforms and then added this pretty new bracelet from Anjolee.  They have such amazing selections for jewellery and this bracelet in particular is the most well made piece I've come across in the long time.  Right down to it's clasps.  It's glittery shine made my outfit seem way more put together than if I had decided to wear nothing.  Plus, 3/4 sleeved dresses are a perfect match for bracelets.


And have you ever noticed that you might always gravitate towards some type of accessory to really put your outfit together?  Diamond jewelry has always been something I reach for when it comes to making my outfits complete.  Other people love shoes but I've always been a jewellery person, whether it be fine or fashion jewellery.   Diamond tennis bracelets in particular are perhaps my favorite type of jewellery, mainly because they're so classic and timeless.  Tennis bracelets are also perfect for adding a bit of shine and gleam to an otherwise casual outfit.  I mean, you could wear jeans and a white tee and dress up your look with a tennis bracelet and still be chic.


Dress, ASOS
Platforms, Piperlime

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