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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sparkle, Sparkle!!


Some days you just want to sparkle like the ocean at sundown.  Or you just want to be as reflective as possible so you can blind others as they pass by on their bikes.  I was little guilty of that, but it was an accident I swear!!  So long as they didn't ride off into the Hague.


I couldn't stop piling on the sparkly items.  My shiny nylon skirt, leopard sequined blouse, gold shoes and glittery necklace were just begging to be put together.  It was a really fun outfit to wear while walking down by the water.  Plus, such a vibrant outfit leads to exhibiting some personality.  I love giving people a hint at my personality by what I wear before I even meet them.  I'm a little nutty and colorful, so there you go.  I wouldn't go so far to say I have a sparkling personality, because that's a corny pun and a bit pompous.  Haha.

Quick story about the shoes.  My friend Brittany got these from Golden Ponies and didn't have much use for them so she gave them to me!!!  It was serendipitous because I had a pair of these waiting in my etsy cart about to be purchased.  I've seen a few bloggers wear them and had fallen in love with the simple shape and color. Who doesn't love golden shoes?!!!


Blouse, similar Forever21
Skirt, Urban Outfitters ---2 years ago
Belt, Vintage

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