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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Capsule of Wonderful Things

vintage cardigan

I wish I could make a capsule of all the wonderful things I did this weekend and keep it safe forever and only open it up if I truly needed a burst of good feelings.  These past few days have been wonderful!!  Friday was spent doing things all on my own.  When you've been married for nearly five years, its so hard to find time for yourself.  I spent my morning taking a long cold walk to a coffee shop to read, followed by a nice lunch with my friend Diane and her daughter, and I finally finished the day off by stopping by my friend, Kelsie's vintage store. 

corduroy mini skirt
styling up oxfords
olive green tights

Saturday, Zach and I, plus our couple friends Brittany and husband trekked up to Richmond to meet up with Julia and her beau for a bit of thrifting and then dinner at the Capital Ale House.  It's so cool the way the internets can connect people that you would otherwise never meet.  Julia and Brittany are such cool ladies.  Added bonus is that our guys get along too.  That makes it so much better.  Oh and I'd tell you all where I went thrifting, but I am keeping it a secret since I was told in secret ;)  hehe..  But it was fantastic!!  Lots of cheap cheap stuff!!!  I even got a cute new pair of G.H. Bass leather loafers for .99 cents.  Way cheaper than my local thrift store. Those jerks price those types of things for $10!!

shop le mode accessories
ruffle chiffon

And this is what I wore for my Friday full of frolicking.  I'm totally in love with this glittery necklace from Shop Le Mode and the way it glitters like a chandelier.  The skirt is a new addition of corduroy to my wardrobe from Ralph Lauren (of course thrifted) and then just a handful of other items from my closet to make an outfit that was worth photographing.

glittery necklace
leather belt

Cardigan, Vintage
Skirt, Blouse, Belt, Shoes, Thrifted

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