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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

As If I Need Another Excuse!

To go thrifting of course! I guess you could call my friend 'D' an enabler and me her enable. We are always trying to find excuses to go shopping together. We totally cleaned up at a new Goodwill. It's funny how it's a converted Rite Aid Pharmacy and their donation center is located at the drive-thru. What a great way to re-purpose a building!

I found some great items plus some Christmas gifts for my family. They had tons of stuff from Target with new tags and new boxes. I got two new frames, a new shirt, a satin coat, a pair of Seychelles and then an awesome pair of faux bowling shoes all for $20. I would've came home with more, but I needed some kind or restraint.

This is what I wore to work earlier in the day. I had to change before I went out shopping since I got mud all over myself. Our yard is still flooded from last week and it's just one muddy mess. It's not so much fun taking Starla out to go to the bathroom.




grey sweater, dillards (gift from dad) H&M dress, thrifted ($5) crocheted tights, forever 21 ($2) patent oxfords, payless ($15) patent belt, loemahns ($7)

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