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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dreaming Up My Outfits?

For whatever reason I had a dream about this outfit and it came out of no where! I've never worn these boots to work before, since they are a little more casual, but I found a way to make it work. I actually love this outfit! The colors worked well together and overall it was comfy for a long day at work.




So does anyone else have those crazy dreams? I hope I have another one tonight, so I don't have as hard a time getting ready as I normally do.

printed H&M blouse, thrifted ($1.40) grey cardigan, new york and co (gift from sis) black skirt, thrifted ($4) grey socks, target ($3) tan boots, ebay ($20) tan belt, thrifted ($2)


  1. Oh I love it! Lucky you, this turned out perfect!
    That skinny tan belt for $2? I'd be wearing it everyday!

  2. Adorable outfit!! Love the belted cardigan. I swear I have dreams about the future.. I need to start writing them down so I can prove it to myself. Hehe!

  3. Those boots are so great! I need to check out eBay again soon!

    Adored Austin adores you!

  4. I love this outfit, the colors go well together. I've never had an outfit dream before, but that would be so helpful when getting ready in the morning. Oh and.. I found a pair of boots at Target for $9, and I thought I was a good bargain shopper.. but you got those boots for $3!? What a steal!

    Kerri :)

  5. Oh dang, I need to use commas more often. Those boots were $20, the socks were $3. I wish they were $3!!