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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Wow! You Look Spiffy!"

I was walking past a customer as I was leaving work and that is what he said to me. It was a great compliment and I love the word spiffy. I told him it had been a long time since I heard that word, and he was like, "how about chic, or elegant?" I said, "spiffy is a great word!"

I love giving other people compliments about a certain outfit or accessory. It seems to brighten their spirits a little, and I'll be honest, I love it when I get compliments on the things that I wear, as much as I love compliments about a job well-done. I hope it's not shallow, but when clothing is one of the only creative things about my day to day life I feel appreciative of all my hard work, when someone compliments it.




Introducing...the outfit:
blue satin top, Target ($10) champagne satin skirt, thrifted ($2) navy tights, Ross ($5) velvet blazer, thrifted ($6) necklace, Buffalo Exchange ($6)

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