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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scary Times During the Storm

It was incredibly hectic this morning while I got ready for work. No one was sure if we were going to be at work today since the flooding is rampant. I live in an area where you can't get anywhere without going over bridges or going through tunnels under the water and Virginia had close most of those today. So I get the call that we need to be in work, so I got an excuse to wear something nice today, but still. I only had to be there until 1 since high tide was coming and the flooding is getting worse.

Here's a couple of pictures, since I think it's kind of interesting to see what storms do.

This sign is not suppose to be swinging in the air like that.


And here's my yard all flooded and gross.


Here's what I wore today. It was funny because I get all dressed up for work and everyone starts arriving to work wearing jeans, uggs, and sweaters. Apparently I was already on my way to work when the text message went out saying we could stay in casual clothes. Oh well. I really wanted to wear my newly thrifted Alice Temperley for Target dress.



Dug from the Clothes Pile
black velvet tuxedo blazer, thrifted ($4) black and navy pokka dot dress, thrifted ($5) black patent oxfords, payless ($15)


  1. Oh no, this does not look fun, but you do look adorable in this outfit! Hope things start to get better soon and Ida goes away!


  2. great outfit and amazing blazer! i hope you stay dry and warm!