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Friday, April 2, 2010

Difficult Decisions with a Hint of Struggles

I've been racking my brain lately about my future. I am on my way to figuring it out, hopefully, and so is Zach. We want to make something of ourselves and have a job we actually enjoy. It seems like life is a trade off between doing something you love while still making enough money to live. I love being creative and trying new things, but my long days at work make it difficult. Ultimately I want to be a full time student with a part time job (which would be fun), and I find myself longing to be working with children again. It was the most rewarding job I'd ever had and I kick myself for quitting because I needed more money, but honesty I was way underpaid, but that's neither here nor there anymore. I think my catharsis is putting me on the map to future success in whatever I do. If I was a good painter, I would love to be an art teacher (although I'm not a talented artist in the least), it's what I most counselor in highschool even told me to find a different elective, because he didn't think it was what was best for me, but he was an asshole.



So, Zach and I have decided that once August happens upon us, I will be going to school full time with something part time in the way of work, selling my car and buying a bike and then spend the next couple of years working towards my goals. And at the same time, he'll be doing something to get him out of his funk. He's always wanted to work in the creative field of photography. He loves cameras with a passion, and a couple of days ago I surprised him with a "You're a Great Husband" gift. He was eyeing a Diana camera at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago, but he wouldn't buy it. He never treats himself, so I took it upon myself to get it for him and now he is loving it!



Since it's film, I have no idea how the pictures will come out, so we'll be finding that out tonight:) I'm excited about it. I think we'll be using it all weekend too.



Ok and on to the outfit! It's hard to see, but the top is grey and white striped, so I was trying my hand at mixing patterns again. The print on the skirt, is probably one of my favorites. It's so vibrant and colorful for spring.

Tank, Old Navy ($3) Skirt, Thrifted ($3) Belt, H&M ($5) Boots, Ebay ($20) Cardigan, Thrifted ($3)


  1. aww emily! robert and i are going through the same funk! but i'm graduating this summer after three years accomplishing a useless degree that's making me so miserable so i'll be free to pursue photography for a couple years. if photography doesn't work out though, i too love kids and am enjoying my internship at a children's center right now. so it looks like i'm the combination of you and zach hehe :) i do hope everything works out for both of you because life is way too short to be wasted at a job you hate :) best of luck<3

    ps. i love your skirt! it's such a pretty color!