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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OMG Pants at Work!

I never...NEVER wear pants to work. It's a joke among the girls I work with, since they find it so odd that I never wear pants. Well Monday I did! I finally fit into my capris again so I figured I'd celebrate my vindication over those last 10 pounds, and wear something different.


I was also excited because I was even able to show my friend the tattoo I always talk about but am never able to show. It'd be mildly inappropriate if I lifted my skirt or dress up, just to show a tattoo that's on my lower left hip. So I'm not a liar and I did really get a tattoo...heheheh...



Anyways, it is officially summer here this week. I knew we'd totally skip right over spring. Even wearing these black capris were a little too much clothes. It must've been nearly 95 degrees yesterday! Oh well, I shouldn't complain. I saw Christina's pictures from Second Skin and it was snowing! I think I'd cry if it snowed on Easter.


Well I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday. You all know what I'll be doing. Taco Tuesday!!!

Blouse, Macys ($10) Capris, Old Navy ($10) Heels, Thrifted ($4) Bracelet, Lia Sophia ($25)


  1. You should wear pants more often you look great in them, very slimming and legs for days....xoxo

  2. No kidding mama! I echo clare.. you are looking like a 6 foot glamazon in dees capris!

  3. congrats on losing 10 lbs! you are lookin gooooood ;] love your floral top!

  4. they look great on you! you look super tiny. cute capris!

  5. Ahhh 10 pounds! Amazing! Congrats, girl! I need to lose 9.4 to get back down to my goal, eep. I still have two points left for the day and I'm literally drooling over the thought of eating a Skinny cow 2-point ice-cream sandwich tonight. Hahaha!

  6. I like this outfit! :) It looks very cute!
    Wonderful inspiration :)