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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Doing My Thing

Well I was strutting my stuff walking down the sidewalk, when all of a sudden I hear some guy call me, "hey Miss!" Being the only female in the vicinity I went ahead and turned around and said hello. Then he said "I've been noticing you walking around here and just wanted to say that you always look really pretty in your outfits". It was a sweet comment and I didn't take it as weird at the time although he did state he had been noticing the way I look on more than one occasion. So it was a little weird in retrospect, but I figured he's one of the maintenance guys so there is a legitimate reason for him seeing me regularly.



So today's outfit was thrown together in a bit of haste. I absolutely love the white skirt and may possibly find myself wearing it way more, now that it's getting warmer. I also rediscovered my cropped blazer in the back of the closet and was more than happy to throw it on over my plain tee. It really pulled my look together and dressing up t-shirts with blazer is always a good idea when you work at a bank.



And who is excited for hump day tomorrow? I am totally excited since it will finally be my half day! And I will be spending it doing a little thrifting and picking up my new furniture from the antique store. And of course my friend 'D' will be with me with her station wagon in tow. I just hope everything fits in it.

T-Shirt, Forever21 ($10) Blazer, Thrifted ($2) Vintage Skirt, Thrifted ($2) Heels, Thrifted ($4)


  1. Aw, what a sweet comment! That's nice, way better than some creep comment from someone who thinks they're about to "get with you."

    I love all the colors you put together here!

  2. Those heels are an amazing thrift! I can never find good shoes @ thrift stores.

  3. This outfit is so great! It's perfectly springy and fresh.

  4. lovely simple look. cant ever go wrong with that shade of yellow, if you ask me!

  5. THIS is incredible! The color palette is sooo awesome and that white skirt is da bomb! Okay ... I'm really way too excited about this ...

  6. Looove this look! The navy and mustard looks so great together!

  7. You have such great thrifted finds! This is such a perfect outfit, especially with the mustard and white.